Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There's a thread that seems to run through a life lived among wide-open spaces (WOS).  The WOS-man (or -woman) knows how to hunt most wild game, and has the trophies to back up the claim.  He has an assortment of hand-made trout lures, which he uses every spring off the banks of the [insert river name here].  He has the ability to deal productively with every season of the year -- snow or shine.  Spent more than half his days on the back of a horse, or driving a John Deere, or some other studly activity.  The WOS-man owns a 300-acre ranch at the base of the Northern Rocky Mountains, which has been in his family for 4 generations.  He can survive anything, build anything, learn anything and be trusted.  Makes his (very lucrative) income by being his own boss.  Above all and in all and through all, he honors his Maker by living a life of wholehearted faith, simplicity and humility.

Well, as much as I want to be the WOS-man, I'm not there yet.  And given the legacy that I was born into, I may never be.  But that's OK.  Because you can't attain WOS-dom living in a large Southern California city.  You have to pull up stakes and move.  And even then, it may not be possible for you.

But it just might move your children toward WOS-dom.

Yes, they can learn to hunt!  (--Together with you, of course.)  They can learn to fish and plant and grow and build and sacrifice and save and dream and lead.  And by you having the faith to trust God's promises (in places like Joshua 1:9), you can bring about A Different Legacy, for generations to come.  And faith can change the course of history, one generation at a time.

(Thanks for sitting in on my little pep-talk to myself.  :-)

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